Social Action

  • End poverty through sustainable livelihood programs
  • Fight for human rights and social justice
  • Improve public health and education

Social Action

Livelihood Creation Program

Entrepreneurship is the leading business for disadvantaged minorities and so NASA is motivating them, encouraging them, and supporting them financially. NASA has given underprivileged people self-employment opportunities by donating tractors, autorickshaws, trucks, bicycles and other goods.

Because of this program, 3,000 youths have been rescued from the bonded labor system (Paleru). In Thondangi mandal, 260 families making lime powder from seashells were assisted, releasing them from the exploitation of moneylenders.

As part of a micro-credit program, many people are given money to start small businesses like vegetable and fruit selling, basket weaving, and selling fish etc.

NASA plays a vital role transforming the lives of the Dalits by empowering them economically so that they may discover self-sustainable development, self-reliance, dignity, and self-confidence.