Social Action

  • End poverty through sustainable livelihood programs
  • Fight for human rights and social justice
  • Improve public health and education

Social Action

Health & Immunization

Dalits mostly live in severe poverty, the food they eat is lacking in essential nutrients and is prone to many health hazards. NASA pioneers health education through health camps and immunization programs.

Specialized doctors are enlisted mainly for the treatment of tuberculosis, polio, physical handicaps, and eye diseases. In these camps, NASA promotes preventive medicine and persuades Dalit women to make maximum use of herbal medicines.

NASA teams at an Immunisation Camps

Immunizations have considerably reduced the child mortality rate, and healthcare and nutrition education has been widely taught.

Many villages have no transport links so people have to walk tens of kilometers to get to hospitals where they can be treated. Plus, the cost for treatment in the hospitals is so expensive that the poor cannot afford it. Sometimes doctors will even exploit villagers with excessive treatments. NASA has therefore been educating people about herbal treatments and is promoting indigenous healthcare systems through village health workers.