Love In Action

  • Care for the sick and diseased
  • Care for the old and other vulnerable
  • Care for children

Using a rights-based approach to programming, our programs are designed to help vulnerable communities end poverty through social action and love in action.

Love in Action

Care for Leprosy Victims

NASA works with leprosy sufferers who suffer social rejection. Lepers are feared and everyone despises the very sight of them. Millions in India are condemned to be beggars on the streets; to live and die on the footpaths. NASA found 120 lepers living under trees, railway platforms and footpaths in deplorable conditions.

Lepers colony at Jyothi Nagar, Tuni

Outreach to Beneficiaries with Leprosy

Lepers are treated as untouchables and their living conditions are heart touching. Their main occupation is begging as many of them could not do any work due to loss of fingers and wounds, they live on the foot paths in miserable conditions.

During 1985 with the initiative of one of the Governing Body Members of NASA the Govt had constructed 32 houses for these lepers on a hill side in the outskirts of Tuni.

In 1985, NASA in collaboration with the government constructed 32 houses to accommodate 120 leprosy sufferers. NASA, in collaboration with the government, constructed 32 twin houses on an 8 acre piece of land for these people and later developed it with internal roads, electricity, drinking water and other facilities. Due to many reasons the houses were in the collapsing stage in four years In 1989 NASA constructed houses for these people with tiled roofs. After a period of twenty years the roofs were collapsing stage due to pest-damage and recurring cyclones. The people are living in front of their houses or under trees fearing the houses will collapse. The government has agreed to contribute $1000 if the beneficiary contributes $1,500 to construct each house that will be more stable. NASA is working towards raising $48,000 to help build 32 houses.

Lepers, very often get sick. When they fall in sickness for several days they take $.10 to 100 loans from the money lenders at 20 or more percent of interest for their lively hood. To repay the interests and small loans they leave their huts and go to Gate way of India, the Tajmahal and many places those attracts the tourists.

To help them with food, medical aid, clothes and other minimum needs we need $15 per person per month ($10 for food – $5 for medical aid, clothes and administration).