Care for the Elderly

Elderly people are neglected and driven onto the streets by their children due to economic stresses and the collapse of family values.

Millions of elderly Indians are dying due to starvation and disease. There are very few old age homes in India, most of which are located in larger urban areas. There is no social security, and utter poverty usually prevents them from supporting themselves. Furthermore, in Hindu culture widows are considered mean and their sight a bad omen. Lower class widows’ futures are bleak as their only option for survival is to beg for food.

The elderly, widows and orphans are among the most vulnerable of all people. NASA looks after them in their distress. NASA gives financial assistance, a listening ear, a helping hand, and a word of love for hope. Young widows are provided with training and sewing machines so they can earn a living. Five dollars per month will give hope, security, medical aid, clothing, food and shelter to an elderly person or widow.

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May 23, 2020

May 23, 2020

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